Big Boy Booster Seat

My husband and I are at our wits ends with our child’s high chair. He is old enough and heavy enough that lifting him in and out of that thing is becoming very difficult. He is still not ready to sit at the table without and help r support, but he is so big he is outgrowing his high chair. That took us to the store. We had no idea what else was out there, but we figured there were other parents like us, and that the stores HAD to have something else to offer for children in between to two stages. Just as we thought, there was something in between needing a high chair and ready to sit at the table like a grown little boy. What we needed was a booster seat.

We had someone in the store help us out and find exactly what we needed and wanted. This led us to the best reviewed booster seat which just happened to be our favorite brand; Fisher Price. We have so many other products from them and trust their quality of products. Fisher Price has become a very popular brand in our household. Well when we found the section with the Fisher Price booster seats, we saw they had many different color options, so we found one with our son’s favorite colors, Blue and Orange.

We brought home the booster seat and waited until dinner time. When we brought out the booster seat our son got so excited! He saw this as a new step to maturity, and kept saying he gets to sit at the table like daddy. That just made my heart melt. We strapped the booster seat to the dining room chair, and then once he was inside we strapped our son into the chair so he couldn’t fall, and enjoyed our first meal without a high chair involved since our son was born.